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"Square of 9" Chart

Professional trader and best-selling author Jeff Cooper teaches you about this unique stock analysis tool.


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Jeff Cooper began his trading career at Drexel Burnham in 1981. In 1986, Cooper went out on his own, choosing to trade exclusively for himself.

After establishing a successful career as a private trader, he went on to write two best-selling books: Hit and Run Trading: The Short-Term Traders’ Bible and Hit and Run Trading 2: Capturing Explosive Short-Term Moves in Stocks.

Today, Jeff trades from his home in Malibu, California, and authors Hit and Run Trading for hundreds of professional traders, portfolio managers, and individual investors across the globe.

What Jeff's Subscribers Say 
About The Square of 9

I have followed Jeff for more than a decade and studied his guidance through several macro events. Those Gann chats and square of nine time-price relations continue to amaze me. When Jeff refers to a 30-40yr old chart to emphasize on something, I pay attention.

   -Raj from Minneapolis

My favorite thing about Hit and Run trading is the discussions involving the square of 9 wheel.

   -Arie from Holland

Jeff's analysis of Gann cycles of time & price have consistently impressed me over the years.

   -JP from San Francisco

If you don't believe that there is an internal DNA to the market, Jeff Cooper's Gann studies will show that there absolutely is.

   -Matt from Illinois


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Jeff Cooper has studied W.D. Gann's Square of 9 Wheel for decades.

And it's become a cornerstone of Jeff's arsenal of unconventional trading weapons.

Unlike most trading tools, The Square of 9 integrates both time and price, which takes you beyond plain-vanilla charts.

That gives you a unique perspective on potential trend changes in the broader averages and individual stocks. 

In this 57-page eBook, Jeff explains exactly how he uses the Square of 9 to find ideas and spot what's coming down the pipe.

He holds nothing back -- which is why the eBook is so long! Here's the full table of contents:

3. Disclosures

4. About Jeff Cooper

5. The Light Bulb...

6. What Is the Square of 9?

10. FInding Moves on the Square of 9

14. Time and Price

17. Measuring Trends in GDXJ

19. Applying the Square of 9

23. Finding Major Turns with the Square of 9

27. Mastering Time/Price Relationships

31. Using the Square for Smaller Turning Points

34: Time and Price Examples

49. Square of 9 with IPOs

52. Using the Square with Low-Priced Stocks

55. Conclusion

56. Get More Hit and and Run Trading

57. About T3 Live

So you'll learn a TON from this amazing eBook:

A 57-Page Guide to Gann Analysis and the Square of 9

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