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About Mark Melnick, Director of Trading Psychology

Mark Melnick has been a professional day and swing trader since 1999, when he was a 19-year old college student at St. John’s University.

Mark is the author of the classic trading book Scalping for a Living and has trained thousands of traders in the art and science of exploiting volatility for profit.

Mark was initially lured in by the promise of financial independence during the dot-com boom. However, he achieved sub-par results until he discovered the most important element in trading success: the ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

In his quest for trading consistency, Mark developed mastery of technical and fundamental analysis, algorithmic Itrading, market psychology, and real-time news breakdowns. He has deep experience with equities, options, ETFs, and currencies, and enjoys teaching traders his unique brand of news-driven active trading.

Mark runs the following T3 Live Programs:

Newsbeat Live Trading Room
Algorithmic Rules of Trendlines
Newsbeat Master Class
Newsbeat Bandits Program

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Why Harvard PhD's, Nuclear Engineers, and Brain Surgeons Fail at Trading

Even the smartest 1% of people can struggle to make a dime trading. 

It's not because of lack effort or access to education.

It's because they haven't spotted the enemy -- the one staring back in the mirror.

Psychological Toxicity is a collection of self-destructive mental and behavioral patterns that lead to stress, anxiety, and ultimately, money-losing trades.

Download this 38-page report and learn about the 10 symptoms of Psychological Toxicity, and how you can overcome them.

Because if you can't manage your emotions, how can you possibly manage your trades?