This Trading Method Is Not Sexy, But It Works

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What's Inside
Sami Abusaad's PDF

This free PDF is focused entirely on foundational trading concepts.

You're going to learn basic trend analysis, pivots, support, resistance, moving averages, and entries. 

You won't become a millionaire overnight using any of these tactics. 

But you will take a step in the right direction.

You will become more confident, and feel more knowledgeable as you face the market each day.

Don't Take Our Word For It Part 1

Sami is simply the best trader I've met, plus he can teach. As I've learned over the years, the many who can trade can't teach and the many who teach trading don't trade successfully themselves. There are too many winners to name, but PACB and MIK made me richer last week..

-Tom from Canada

I’ve only been a member for 1 month and have already recouped the annual cost of membership. 1/2 of that was on the recent TORC trade. Started as a transition A breakout and kept running. I was hesitant to sign up for the program and that trade eased my anxiety.

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What Makes This eBook So Unsexy

We could tell you this free PDF contains a magical new trading strategy I just discovered the other day. 

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The concepts I teach in this convenient 18-page information packed PDF have not changed since I became a pro trader in 2007. 

They worked then, and they still work 15 years later in 2022. These tactics are also the foundation of my earnings strategy, and my Earnings Engine course. And of course, I use them in the Strategic Day Trader room and Strategic Swing Trader newsletter every day.

There is nothing sexy about them -- and maybe that's why they work so well.

Right now, millions of traders are reaching for the next bright shiny object.


I'm happy making money with the same reliable techniques I've used for well over a decade.

These are normally available only with the $795 Trading the Pristine Method® course.

But I'm giving you a taste for FREE

Sami Abusaad
Director of Education, T3 Live
Professional Trader

-Josh from New Jersey

If I can rate him 100 times greater than exceptional, that would not be sufficient. 

-Guru from Boston

Sami is an excellent teacher and trader. He knows exactly what he is talking about and can explain it very clearly.

-Karl from Munich

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How Good Is Sami?

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About Sami Abusaad

Sami Abusaad is a professional trader and T3 Live's Director of Education.

Sami graduated Summa Cum Laude from St. Mary’s College of California with a B.S. in accounting. He then served as a Senior Associate for KPMG, performing audits for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2007, Sami joined Pristine Trading and quickly became an expert in all Pristine strategies, including the groundbreaking Trading the Pristine Method.

After T3 Live's merger with Pristine in 2015, Sami was named Director of Education.

Today, Sami remains a successful professional day and swing trader, specializing in gap, climactic, reversal, and earnings strategies.

He also heads up the following T3 Live programs:

  • Earnings Engine
  • Strategic Day Trader Room
  • Strategic Swing Trader Newsletter & Training
  • Elite Private Mentorship
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